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"In a moment when all of the visual arts are marked by a grave sense of uncertainty and a general loss of orientation, sculpture has continued, at least in part, to cling to the values and characteristics that inherently lie within its specific materials. So it frequently comes about that the very fact of starting out from an attentive interpretation of a particular medium of expression ends up by directing the artist to the road he has to travel in order to reach his own particular aesthetic goals.
I think of Italo Antico as one of the most authentic and consciously committed representatives of those who from the very beginning take account of the expressive power of their chosen materials."

Gillo Dorfles, 1997

EXMA' - Cagliari - "Of Sea and Steel"     the work of Italo Antico 1955/2005
waves & reflections - 1991/2005   MUSEION Museum of Modern Art - 1997
  .       Bolzano - solo exhibition
Gubbio '86   Mercato del Sale - 1983
 1986 Gubbio - 19th Biennial of Art - solo exhibition     Milan - solo exhibition
Museum of Castelvecchio - 1981   "One-Line idea" - 1978
  Verona     Fidenza - 30 meter mark
"To infinity" - 1976   Galleria Blu - 1975
  Milan - Galleria del Naviglio - solo exhibition     Milan
" I n t e r v e n t i o n s " - 1973/1976   "Expansion of the Square" - 1972
  1973 Cagliari - 1976 Bergamo - 1977 Milan     Milan - Galleria Cadario - solo exhibition

2011 Gold Compass Award   jewels
  Domo - 19th Biennial of Sardinian Artisanal Handicraft     1992 Arezzo - "Author's Gold, a collection of contemporary jewelry
paintings and drawings   carpets
  1955 - 1968     Carpets and arras 1962-1976




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