Italo Antico - sculture



GUBBIO '86 - "19th Biennial of Art"



[...] Conceived as an active reagent with respect to every inert collocation of mass and material, the sculpture of Antico loves to confront the environment as a test of inner strength. Navigating an enclosed space can therefore mean discovering sharp angles, essential viewpoints, complex topology. The involvement of the beholder happens at the same point: the sculpture is inseparable from the environment, and yet, is something different. With this act,  Antico also causes a precipitation of time: the instantaneous time of the 3-dimensional work is contrasted with historical time and the anonymity of the environment.
In the different spaces, living in an open dimension of the city which is built as well as designed, the sculpture opens once again, a break with the compact flow of time, and undermines any defined urban image leading it back to a game of slowly balanced tensions. The sculpture is the measure of all things, the reconstruction diagram in itself. The play of light here coincides with the emergence of evidence. The model of the sculpture seems in many ways to liberate a relationship of oblique agreement and ironic redefinition between the city the work. The sculpture seems to be a structured and final signal. [...]

Vittorio Fagone









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