Italo Antico - sculture



Galleria Blu , Milan, 1975



When we look at a work of Italo Antico we always ask ourselves if it can be considered as a piece of an almost dried up reality, a physical but also plastic reality that has shrunk in the extreme so that what is left to manifest its temporal more than spatial continuity is a fossil element, a vertebra of industrial material. At the same time we feel the opposite impression might be true: this object might in fact be a kind of primordial and elementary germination, a system of presence that comes to exitence with overt simplicity but gradually evolves, enriching and complicating its dimension and taking up more and more space. A sculpture by
Antico thus, immediately and directly brings us to feel, therefore to perceive, what lives beyond the material monotony of the tube of stainless steel, that sort of continuous sound, maybe trace maybe matrix, beginning or end, point of final resistance or expanding and saturated fullness that is somehow present.. [...]

Paolo Fossati









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