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Italo Antico

Italo Antico was born in 1934 in Cagliari and now lives and works in Milan. After starting out working with painting in the early fifties, he progressed to sculpure in 1958. While serving as an officer on oil tankers, plying the American and transpacific routes, he painted on oils, drew and made metal reliefs.
Back in Cagliari in 1961, he decided to devote his attention full-time to his art, using a variety of techniques, primarily sculpure. After some fertile experimentation, the late sixties and early seventies saw him chose stainless steel as the exclusive material for his artistic expression, which he showed in the Cadario Gallery in Milan, presented by Gillo Dorfles, the Contour in Brussels, the Arteverso in Genoa, presented by Corrado Maltese, the Duchamp in Cagliari and the Mantra in Turin, presented by Aldo Passoni.
  Continuing his investigations in artistic research, he inserted his steel structures in locations where they clamber and penetrate into the spaces: the Blu Gallery, the Naviglio, the deconsacrated church of San Michele in Fidenza, Gubbio, the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona, the Salt Market in Milan in 1983 and the Tommaseo Gallery in Trieste. He has also shown in Florence, Bologna, Rome, Basel, Paris, Bilbao, Padua,Vienna, Rockenhausen, Passau, Asbach and Ghent, as well as further personal shows in the Museum of Suzzara, presented by Paolo Fossati,
at the Museion in Bolzano, presented by Gillo Dorfles, at the Spaziotemporaneo, presented by Alberto Veca, at the EXMA’ in Cagliari in 2005 and the MAN in Nuoro in 2013.




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