Italo Antico - sculture



MUSEION - Museum of Modern Art - Bolzano

4. 9. - 30. 10. 1997

[...] The exploration of "form and liqht," purity of line, the systematic elimination of all naturalistic references, and the use of tubes or rods of stainless steel are characteristic of his work, which Museion now presents in terms of a dialectic promenade that finds articulation in time as well as in the space of the circumambient environment. We are certain that the public will appreciate the strong and elegant presence of the work of this artist from Sardinia..

President: Karl Nicolussi-Leck
Director: Pier Luigi Siena



[...] The works that Antico now presents, in the fascinating space set off by the columns of Museion's gates, give full satisfaction to precisely this body of principles: these self-sufficient works in various size s of steel tubing have been bent and construed in ways that leave them charged with always unforeseeable valences, and as such they invariably involve and engage with the spectator. But they also function as limbs that range away from stone supports to scan the greenery of Museion's gardens, tapping their sources of dynamic force, or to test out the quality of the spaces between its column s. Even as "static" articulations, they set up  games of light and shadow, movement and rest, clarity and opacity in the midst of the green of the park. [...]

Gillo Dorfles






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